The game, ‘Hogwarts Legacy,’ would now include a trans character known as Sirona Ryan.

The character is a witch and the owner of the "Three Broomsticks" in Hogsmeade village.

Players meet Sirona when they enter the pub and pull up a chair at the bar.

Insiders claim that the character's inclusion is ‘performative bulls**t.’

Succinctly put, it was a ploy to detract attention from controversy surrounding the game.

The controversy resulted from calls for the game to be boycotted.

J.K. Rowling shut a troll up by posting a screenshot of her Harry Potter royalty check.

The clapback occurred after the troll asked how she managed to sleep with her stance on transgenders.

Her caption was: “I read my most recent royalty cheques and find the pain goes away pretty quickly.”