Nene Leakes is dating again, and late Gregg Leakes approved her relationship.

The reality star confirmed she sees Nyonisela Sioh, adding. "We're dating! We're friends."

Leakes husband's last words were for her to remain happy and find someone new.

The "Glee" actress noted she will always love her late partner, but grieving was difficult alone.

Leakes and Sioh were photographed holding hands, leaving his birthday celebration on December 17.

The two visited Mr. Chow in Miami and left the venue all smiles.

Last week, Leakes and the business mogul were seen dancing together at her Atlanta birthday celebration.

A month after the Leakes household lost Gregg to cancer; gentlemen flooded his mourning wife's DMs.

The 54-year-old thanked the gentlemen but rejected their advances in an Instagram Story post.