Natasha Lyonne had a video of Marlon Brando grabbing her breast in a deleted scene of the 2001 film “Scary Movie 2.”

While she was surprised at Brando holding her boob, she realized it was part of the script, so it didn’t matter.

The film was a parody of the horror project “The Exorcist.”

In “Scary Movie 2,” Lyonne played a demon-possessed young girl.

Marlon Brando was initially cast as a priest in the movie but left because of some health issues.

Andy Woods replaced him as one of the priests who tried and failed to exorcise Lyonne.

Fans still remember Brando as he was a very influential actor in the 20th century.

Brando was offered $2 million for his cameo in “Scary Movie 2.”

Season 2 of Lyonne’s project “Russian Doll” was released recently, and it takes the Nadia character much further into the past.