Naomi Osaka under fire for her new company name.

The athlete recently launched her new company in partnership with basketball legend LeBron James.

Osaka named her new company “Hana Kuma.”

She described Hana Kuma as a "media platform focused on stories that are culturally specific but universal."

The term “Hana Kuma” means “Flower Bear” in Japanese.

Unfortunately for Osaka, after announcing the name of the company, the term was discovered to have another meaning in another language.

According to some of Osaka’s Kenyan and Ugandan fans and followers, “Hana Kuma” has a vulgar and crude meaning in Swahili.

Hana Kuma means “woman without a vagina” in Swahili and this has lead her African fans to beg her to change the name of the company.

Osaka sent what seems like a cryptic response to the backlash saying, "Prayers for all my overthinkers. We be going through it.”