Sony/Marvel Movie “Morbius” flops hard at the box office, once again!

Sony re-released their marvel superhero movie again in theaters following a previously abysmal run.

The studio was spurred to send the movie back to theatres by an online viral meme

“Morbius” found itself as the star of a viral meme with the catchphrase “IT’S MORBIN TIME!!”

The meme was coined from the iconic “Power Rangers” phrase “It’s Morphin Time.”

While “Morbius’” new viral status led to more online conversation about the movie, such was not the case with its re-release.

The movie failed again at impressing at the box office, proving that online clout does not necessarily translate to success.

Jared Leto, star of “Morbius” also joined in on the fun of his movies viral moment.

“Morbius” despite being a box office flop might still get a sequel.