Miley Cyrus’ sister says she’s an absolute lyrical GENIUS!

The singer’s older sister, Brandi Cyrus, is applauding Miley for her newest hit single, “Flowers.”

It’s not just the catchy tune or the bomb a** music video Miley created to go along with the song that Brandi loves.

She absolutely loves the lyrical theories her fans are conjuring up.

Appearing on Wells Adams’ podcast,Brandi said, “Miley’s new song, all the tea … and all the narratives that fans are making on TikTok. It’s so good.”

The song was released on Hemsworth’s 33rd birthday on January 13th.

“The song did come out on his birthday — was that on purpose? I don’t know. Can’t say. Genius, though,” Brandi noted.

When Wells asked Brandi if any of the theories were true, she replied, “I’m not here to say that’s true and what’s not true,” she said.

Only Miley knows the truth.