Mike Tyson did it again, by letting violence spill into his personal life, again.

On Wednesday night, Tyson seemed to have lost his infamous temper yet again, on an overly excited passenger.

The incident happened around 10:30 PM PT as the former undisputed heavyweight champion, 55, was preparing to fly from San Francisco to Florida.

A witness says that he and his friend spotted Tyson on the JetBlue flight, who seemed to be okay with all the attention he got.

He said Tyson even took selfies with him but his overly excited friend would not leave Tyson alone.

Eventually, the heavyweight champion told the guy to "chill" but when he didn't, Tyson got up and began to throw some punches.

The overexcited fan was left bloodied and bruised, and many of the said punches have been captured in a video

Tyson walked off the plane seconds later and the man who was punched received medical attention and then went to the police but there’s no word on the charges yet.

Meanwhile, Tyson has had a cannabis-fueled week, with bizarre stories about the homeless being hunted and DMT toads.