Machine Gun Kelly has just made a stoner movie, called "Good Mourning" that is playing in select theatres and on-demand.

It stars Mod Sun, Becky G, Megan Fox, and features cameos from Avril Lavigne, Dennis Rodman, and Danny Trejo, amongst others.

To promote the movie, MGK’s latest Instagram post is him standing naked, with a cloth held over his family jewels. Mod Sun called it his "greatest post ever."

Mod Sun revealed that the movie was inspired by a text sent by Megan Fox, which MGK interpreted as her dumping him.

At the time, the two had only been going out for a little while, and she was in Europe, shooting, at a remote location with no network.

MGK then called Mod Sun, wanting to take his mind off the impending break-up, and write a movie about it.

And so “Good Mourning” was born, where a fictional actor gets a text from his famous actress girlfriend, that sounds like a break-up message.

It’s a typical stoner comedy, starring Pete Davidson and also featuring cameos from Amber Rose, Snoop Dogg, and Tommy Lee.

Funnily enough, MGK’s love interest in the movie isn’t Megan Fox. She plays Olive, his roommate while the actress’s girlfriend, Apple, is essayed by Latin pop star Becky G.