The media push to get Machine Gun Kelly and Pete Davidson to star as the next Calvin Klein underwear spokesmen continues.

The BFFs took to Instagram Live on Tuesday, December 7, for a second time this week.

Pete and MGK were getting their nails done at a nail salon.

MGK just released a new line of nail polish, UN/DN LAQR, so you know they were getting pampered with his polish.

MGK gifted Pete with a loofah and said, “Dude, check it out. I got you this. This is for our second part the shoot later.”

“Oh thank you. For when we’re in the bubble bath,” Pete replied laughing.

“I still think we should, you know, be in a bubble bath. We should wash each other in our Calvins, in our undies, and feed each other like apples and stuff,” Pete told MGK.

This live comes on the heels of Monday night’s live where Pete and MGK were in their underwear.

Pete called his junk a “scientific wonder.”