Melanie Martin lost her fiance and is left to take care of their one-year-old son alone.

She took to her Instagram story to post pictures of both of them with Puff Daddy’s song playing in the background.

The star also posted a video of the singer freestyle playing on the piano as she held their baby.

She noted in the caption that she was heartbroken but felt the video was too beautiful not to be shared.

In trying to find meaning and heal, she has also taken to finding signs from the afterlife, as evidenced by the pictures on her story.

Martins noted that when she searched for the books in the screenshot, a reference to butterflies appeared but not in her friends.

The late singer did not have a legal will; however, the law states that the state would give the offspring of a demised person the assets.

Fans of the dead actor have not stopped bullying and trolling the entrepreneur since his passing.

She had to call the police to stand by while she packed her things out of their shared home.