Megyn Kelly is unhappy Leo DiCaprio has lowered the dating age criteria for future partners.

The former FOX anchor lashed out on the “Titanic” star amid rumors he’s currently dating a 19-year-old.

The 49-year-old has recently been linked to 19-year-old model, Eden Polani.

She went ballistic on DiCaprio during her Tuesday podcast episode, “The Megyn Kelly Show.”

“He’s just going to keep banging teenagers the rest of his life,” Kelly said. “He is now dating a teenager, literally a teenager.”

Previously, DiCaprio’s dating age history was any female 25 and under. This is his first rumored teenaged beau in over a decade.

“He’s in the news every week for how he won’t date anybody past age 25. If he does, it makes news … And now he’s actually gone down to a teenager,” Kelly said. “She could literally be his daughter.”

However, it appears they are nothing more than friends at this point.

Kelly also took a dig at DiCaprio’s aging look saying he “looks almost as bad as Madonna.”