Meghan Trainor is “all by herself” now that the internet has found out the truth about her toilet habits.

Last week, the singer revealed that she and her husband use the restroom together.

Not only do they use the bathroom together, they have toilets side-by-side in their house.

She admitted they often use the bathroom together, side-by-side because of their busy schedules and baby duty.

The internet got up in arms over Meghan’s revelation and went nuts on the couple.

Now it seems Meghan is using the toilet sans Dylan Sabara.

The singer took to TikTok on October 12 and posted a video of her using the bathroom completely by her lonesome. She used Céline Dion’s song, “All By Myself,” over top of the video.

She captioned the video, “POV: your husband is over the news about you having two toilets next to each other.”

On the other side of things, Poo-Pourri sent Meghan and Dylan a “His+Hers” Poo-Pourri kit!