Meghan Trainor shares her struggles and joy of being a first-time parent to her 9-month-old son Riley.

According to the singer, her biggest parenting fail would be bringing her son to her daily morning walks.

Trainor said the heat in California gave her son “these little red bumps” on his skin.

She asked the doctor and the the pediatrician told her it was heat rash.

Trainor’s favorite infant stage would be looking at her son while he’s sleeping.


She also gained new skills while as a new mom, such as catching poop while changing diapers.

While recalling the funny memory, she said she was “screaming like I was being murdered, but it was just a log coming out, and I caught it with a cloth in my hand.”

To her, Riley giving Trainor the “biggest smile” from when he wakes up from his nap, is one of the most rewarding feelings of being a parent.

Trainor had gestational diabetes when she was pregnant with Riley.