Meghan Trainor and her brother Ryan Trainor recently appeared on Nicole Byer’s “Why Won’t You Date Me?” podcast.

The pair talked about how Ryan wants to avoid a relationship like Meghan has with her husband due to their weird bathroom habits.

Trainor has been married to Daryl Sabara since 2018. The pair welcomed a son named Riley together in February 2021.

Although she had a difficult pregnancy, Trainor still wants to have three more kids with her husband and is absolutely in love with motherhood.

Meghan confessed that she asked the contractor to install two toilets side by side in her house so she and her husband can use the bathroom together.

She explained that she does not like using restrooms, especially in public, and having her husband there helps her feel more comfortable.

She admitted that they have “pooped together twice” but only the two times, as it “smells foul.”

Many fans were in agreement with the habit was strange and like as much privacy as they can when they use the bathroom.

It remains to be seen if Trainor will continue talking about her unusual couple hacks on the new podcast that she is working on with her brother, called “Workin’ On It.”