Parenting was not the only reason why Meghan McCain left the talk show.

Whoopi Goldberg convinced McCain to join the show in 2017.

An argument during one of the show’s episodes in 2019 posed a threat to McCain and Goldberg’s friendship.

McCain owns a blog where she discussed issues on presidential campaigns. That was how she came into the spotlight in the first place.

Goldberg is an award-winning actress with an Emmy Award, Grammy Award, and an Academy Award.

McCain confirmed that Goldberg apologized after losing her temper during the argument.

The comments on Twitter greatly affected McCain, that she concluded that she had to leave the show.

McCain opened up about how she truly feels about Goldberg. Although they were not really close, she said that their friendship was good.

The TV personality finished by giving her opinion on managing an unhealthy work environment. She managed by taking a step back for good.