Meghan McCain scolded Whoopi Goldberg for saying the holocaust is not about race but man-to-man injustice.

In her weekly column, McCain wrote that the accountability culture never applies to her former co-host.

The "Raising McCain" star said limiting the holocaust to 'white people' is 'insane' and 'anti-Semitic.'

Goldberg tweeted a well-received apology and retracted her statement on the February 1 episode of "The View."

The Oscar winner noted that the holocaust was about race because Nazis considered Jews inferior.

ABC News President Kim Godwin suspended Goldberg for two weeks and apologized to Jewish viewers.

In July 2021, McCain quit the ABC talks show due to tension with co-hosts, especially Goldberg.

The 37-year-old believed Goldberg no longer wanted her on the show after convincing her to join.

The "Sister Act" actress and "The View" co-host Sarah Haines expressed they hold no hate towards McCain.