Meghan Markle recently shared how her husband, Prince Harry saved her when her mental health hit an all-time low.

The former actress shared on her podcast that he linked her up with a woman who could provide the help she needed.

Markle also said it’s very important for people to be honest about their mental health needs.

Markle previously opened up about how the intense attention on her relationship with Harry affected her mental health.

She once revealed that she considered suicide before choosing to step down from her senior royal duties.

Markle also shared that she reached out to the royal family institution for help but was politely rebuffed.

Markle also explained that she’d also gone to the palace’s HR department but was turned away because she’s not a “paid employee.”

Prince Harry has also claimed that the royal family institution also discouraged him from seeking therapy for most of his life.

He also credited Markle for inspiring him to finally begin therapy in 2017 and said it has really helped.