There’s a situation going down between Meghan Markle and Victoria Beckham that is royally messed up.

Posh Spice reportedly chose to spread false information about Princess Spice, at least according to Meghan.

The former “Suits” actress accused the British pop star of ‘indiscretion.’

“Indiscretion” is defined as behavior or speech that is indiscreet or displays lack of good judgement.

Royal author, Tom Bower, claims Victoria’s ‘indiscretion’ led to a very awkward call between David Beckham and Prince Harry.

I mean, did Victoria really think she could talk s**t on a Duchess and get away with it?!

In Bower’s new book “Revenge,” he claims Meghan, Harry became “addicted” to negative press coverage.

Despite Meghan’s legal battle with Mail On Sunday, the Duchess was reportedly in love with the attention.

Bower claims both Meghan and Harry spent every evening scrolling through social media and newspaper articles written about them.