Couple Sets Instagram Ablaze With ‘TMI’ Table Post About Airbnb Stay with Machine Gun Kelly

Megan Fox & MGK 

Perhaps it should be mandatory for an Airbnb to reveal whether or not MGK and Megan Fox have stayed there because they apparently do crazy things on the kitchen table!

She shared some pics that featured herself in a black bra, green mini skirt, and matching cropped jacket, but her dirty joke disturbed the social media harmony.

Fox posed in front of an amazing marble top kitchen table as she snapped her selfies.

"When I tell you that the table at this air bnb saw some things 🥵," she captioned her post.

To make matters worse, MGK revealed that he is glad they are no longer tied to the table. "i’m really glad that’s not our table anymore," the rapper commented.

Many fans noted that they feel bad for the table's true owner. “The apartment owner reading this like...” one fan wrote, while another said, "Oh to be the table at Megan Fox’s airb&b."

Megan and her beau have clearly not been shy about showing off their love since linking up in May 2020.

MGK even put his new love in the "Bloody Valentine" music video... they have been oversharing ever since!