Megan Fox’s Instagram has become a playground for the trolls.

While some take offence at her so-called “bush”, others have a problem with her looking like a “blue-eyed Kardashian.”

While Fox has made it clear that she’s not out to please anybody, the trolls continue to complain

Recently, she put up an Instagram post, showing off her avatars made from a currently popular AI art app.

In her captioned, she pseudo-complained, wondering why her avatars were so sexual, and why she was naked in most of them.

The Instagram reactions flooded in, some telling her that what she manifested.

When one troll gave a few eye-roll comments about how she sexualized herself all the time so why would she ask a question like that, Fox replied.

She explained she was being sarcastic and wondered how people could think she lacked “self-awareness?”

Fans cheered at her comment, with some saying they always knew she was a “funny girl!”