74-year-old Rock veteran Meat Loaf passed away earlier this month, allegedly of COVID.

He is survived by his wife Deborah and daughters Pearl and Amanda (from his earlier wife, Leslie) who were with him during his passing.

His wife gave an emotional statement to People Magazine, saying, “From the day we met, he was my world and I loved him.”

Deborah stated that she got married late in life and that he was her first husband and the perfect man for her.

For her, he was always “Michael” and never “Meat”.

Deborah, a Canadian, stated, “As much as my heart is in pain right now, my heart is also so full of the love and glory we shared together.”

She said that she was lying close to Michael when he passed away and the grief is “gut-wrenching.”

Said Meat Loaf’s widow, “He meant so much to so many people, and it gave me the joy to be able to share him with the world.”

Meat Loaf’s daughters had also paid him a tribute earlier this week, as did his fans and friends in the music industry.