Mayim Bialik is now the acting host of “Jeopardy!” after Mike Richards was fired.

Sony went through a long testing process of bringing in guest hosts to audition for the role.

Fans overwhelmingly wanted LeVar Burton to become the trivia show’s new host.

However, Burton’s audition received low ratings because it aired the same time as the Tokyo Olympics.

“SNL” recently tied the “Jeopardy!” controversy with Jon Gruden’s recent firing.

The Raiders coach was fired after offensive comments surfaced in leaked emails.

The sketch jokes that the Raiders are going to bring in a new coach to make everyone – even Twitter – happy.

They bring in LeVar Burton, played by Kenan Thompson, who shouts, “Suck on that, Mayim Bialik!”

Bialik retweeted the skit, saying being mentioned on “SNL” was “one of the highest honors.”