Matthew Lawrence is opening up about past relationships and why he believes they failed.

A little over a year ago, the “Boy Meets World” actor’s then-wife, Cheryl Burke, filed for divorce.

Burke hinted the reason for their divorce was due to infidelity on Lawrence’s part, but that was never confirmed.

Lawrence is speaking out about the important lessons he’s learned from his relationships.

I wound up getting involved with people that I was trying to please and make happy,” he said on his “Brotherly Love” podcast.

“It really didn’t come down to, ‘Was this a good union? Are we making each other happy? Is there trust and bonds and are there good things here?’ I was just like, ‘If I am going to do anything right, I am going to make sure this person is so darn happy with me,'” he recalled.

He noted he couldn’t “make somebody else happy” on his own.

“Love is amazing but love doesn’t do it on its own,” he continued.

“You can love someone to death, and you can be in a toxic relationship and it can spiral out of control and ruin both your lives. What works? Trust and respect.”