is a Ph.D. student from New Haven, Connecticut who has become a household name due to his “Jeopardy!” run.

Matt Amodio

Fans did not like Amodio at first because he uses incorrect pronouns. He answers “What is…?” instead of “Who is…?”

Amodio now has the second highest consecutive game win streak in the show’s history.

The previous record was 32 games, held by James Holzhauer, who still holds all top ten slots for most money won in a single game.

Brad Rutter has the most overall winnings because of the large amount of money that he won in tournaments.

Ken Jennings has the longest consecutive win streak with 74 games.

Ken Jennings also holds the records for highest winnings from regular season play

Amodio says that he is still shocked by his run because he does not consider himself as smart as James Holzhauer or Ken Jennings

Amodio says that he knows that his run will end at some point, and he has a sense of humility about the whole experience.