Things Are Heating Up in the MasterChef: Legends kitchen!

See a sneak peek of the exciting 2-hour special!


MasterChef: Legends is down to the final 8 cooks vying for the ultimate prize. Gordon Ramsay is not making it easy for them, though.

Wednesday’s episode pairs up the remaining cooks into teams is 2 for a competition led by iconic chef Dominique Crenn.

In an exclusive clip for The Blast, the cooks are seen scrambling as they try and strategize with their teammates and try to keep their cool!

Some teams have an easier time than others, while specific contestants take charge and start handing out instructions.

A few teams are on the same page, and a few are definitely not! See how it all plays out on Wednesday!

The second half of Wednesday’s MasterChef: Legends brings chef Niki Nikiyama to the kitchen for a Japanese-themed challenge. A double helping of challenges means a double dose of eliminations!