Grammy Award winning musician and actress Mary J, Blige once struggled with her self-esteem at some point in her career.

To build her self-esteem, Blige began to say encouraging things to herself in the mirror every morning.

She would say “Good Morning, gorgeous” to herself, and this inspired the name for her 2022 album.

She noted that she would have been more successful than she is if she believed in herself enough.

The Emmy award winner and two-time Oscar nominee also praised herself for how much work she’d put into being successful.

On how she is managing her music and acting career, she noted to People magazine, “I”ve been doing this for a minute, I’m no rookie.”

Blige now wants all the gifts and accolades for her effort after learning to love herself.

She noted how hard it was to pull away from substance abuse and also recalled going through a serious heartbreak.

The Queen of Hip-hop and Soul plans to focus more on herself and remain happy.