Martin Scorsese recently wrote a very touching to actor Ray Liotta, the leading man of his 1990 classic, “Goodfellas.”

Liotta is most famous for his role as Henry Hill Jr., and Scorsese wrote about his experience with him.

“Goodfellas” was the film adaptation of “Wiseguy,” a nonfiction book by Nicholas Pileggi.

It is one of the most popular gangster films and is often ranked beside the “The Godfather.”

Liotta’s performance as Henry propelled him to international fame, cementing it as his most famous role.

Scorsese talked about how Liotta took a new approach to the character of Henry and never faltered.

He shared a memory of when Liotta insisted on shooting an important scene even after receiving tragic news.

Scorsese never worked with Liotta again, which he said is one of his greatest regrets.

The tribute article was long and detailed, showing that Scorsese wanted to do more than just issue a generic statement.