Margot Robbie once admitted that she fears she has reached her peak in Hollywood.

Following critically-acclaimed roles in movies including "Wolf of Wall Street" and "I, Tonia," Robbie worried her career would plummet.

The 31-year-old expressed she still has a lot to offer Hollywood as an actress.

Robbie will star in Damien Chazelle's movie "Babylon," premiering in 2022.

The star has also been cast in an undisclosed David O. Russel and Wes Anderson movie.

Robbie believed her role in the Australian soap opera "Neighbours" would be the height of her career.

The "Bombshell" star admitted to creating a fake Twitter account to help get into character Kayla.

Amid the 2021 homelessness crisis in Los Angeles, Robbie began building a home near Venice Beach.

The property is estimated at $15millipm and is co-owned by the actress's husband, Tom Ackerley.