Mama June may be on the road to recovery, but her ex-boyfriend has fallen off of the wagon.

Geno Doak admitted that after completing a nine-month stint in rehab for drugs and alcohol, he relapsed on alcohol.

He explained that having an alcoholic beverage was more innocent than using drugs.

Per TMZ, Geno left rehab in June upon accomplishing nine-months clean.

The ex-boyfriend of Mama June says he left rehab in good standing with a certificate of completion, but regretfully relapsed on alcohol last week.

Geno told the publication that he hasn’t had a drink since last week’s relapse and has no plans to consume alcohol.

While this brief misstep is cause for concern, Geno said he will NOT be going back to rehab.

Rather, he will continue to attend Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings and apply what he’s learned.

The recovering drug addict tried to end his life last year by ingesting 90 blood pressure pills along with a liter of Jägermeister.