Maksim Chmerkovskiy is over in war-torn Ukraine to help fight for the country’s freedom from Russia.

Russia has infiltrated parts of the European country and is wreaking havoc across the nation.

Maskim, who also goes by Maks, has been posting raw and honest footage of what’s happening in Ukraine.

On Tuesday, March 1, the dancer photos and video footage of the destruction in Kharkiv.

He captioned the devastating footage, “WAR. Kharkiv has been absolutely destroyed by shelling for the last few days.”

“Most hit residential areas and there are reports of many civilian casualties,” he concluded.

The video included shows people chasing down a black SUV and pounding on the hood of it.

Other photos show a blown-up car, dismantled buildings and mass destruction.

A devastated follower commented, “Thank you for giving us the non political real news here. It’s heartbreaking… so heartbreaking.. but much appreciated ❤️.”