Madonna took to her Instagram story to post a clip containing nude pictures of herself.

The first image was of the star's bosom completely bare, with just two emojis covering her nipples paired with a tight corset and larger underwear.

The other was black lingerie and a cap, while the last slide was her wearing only a fishnet stocking which left her bottom on display.

In the caption, she advised her followers to express and not repress themselves.

In an earlier post, the singer also boasted of her influence on women through her open-mindedness and her S.E.X book released thirty years ago.

She noted that the book, which had naked pictures of her and several sexual orientations, helped remove restraints from expression.

The actress then stated that because of her fight, despite being called horrible names, other female artists were now free to express themselves sexually.

The pop icon released the video to a song, "Hung Up on Tokishca," off her album with Dominican rapper Tokishca.

The clip showed Madonna in her element as she attempted to seduce the 26-year-old by grinding and kissing her.