Los Angeles is having a complete meltdown right now, both on and off the streets.

The “City of Angels” has become absolute pandemonium, and the rise in crime over the past few months has been astronomical.

The Blast previously reported how LA is being compared to the movie, “The Purge.”

LAPD Detective Jamie McBride is the one who made the comparison and is warning vacationers and tourists to STAY AWAY from LA.

Now, it’s apparent there is a major disconnect between the Los Angele Sherrif’s Department and the District Attorney’s office.

LA County DA, George Gascón, and LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva are in a war of words.

This week, Gascón held a news conference and spoke about the uptick in crimes and theft across the county.

Villanueva says the increase in crime has made people “afraid to come out of the house,” and threw blame at the District Attorney’s Office.

Gascón responded, “My dad used to say that when you wrestle with a pig, you both get muddy and the pig likes it, and that’s not pig in terms of using the term as law enforcement.”