Lizzo is the number one fan of her fans!

The singer recently reacted to a young fan dancing to her song, “About Damn Time,” and she can barely contain her tears.

Raychel Burke shared a TikTok video of her young son busting a move to the music video for the popular song.

It must’ve been his first time watching the mv, because the little tyke, Jack, nearly fell off his feet when there were two Lizzos in frame at once.

“There’s two Lizzos,” Jack says while watching the video. “She’s so pretty mama.”

She asks her son to repeat what he said to which he responds, “I said, Lizzo’s pretty!”

Jack proceeds to spin around to the song and watch Lizzo adoringly.

The singer actually saw the video and commented, “I’m crying.”

Burke responded to her writing, “Jack’s love for you is so genuine and authentic. Your positivity is so contagious and he tries to absorb as much as possible. Like, ALL THE TIME 🥰.”