Lizzo talks about her body and her plans on redefining traditional beauty standards in a new interview with People's Women Changing the World Issue.

The rapper says she’s very aware of her body type.

She said: “Okay, we all know I'm fat. I know I'm fat. It doesn't bother me. I like being fat, and I'm beautiful and I'm healthy. So can we move on?”

Lizzo also noted that she deserves “the attention. I'm talented, I'm young, I'm hot. You know?"

The rapper continued: “I think I have a really hot body! I'm a body icon, and I'm embracing that more and more every day.”

Lizzo explained: “It may not be one person's ideal body type just like, say, Kim Kardashian might not be someone's ideal, but she's a body icon and has created a modern-day beauty standard.”

She added: “And what I'm doing is stepping into my confidence and my power to create my own beauty standard. And one day that will just be the standard.”

Last year, Lizzo admitted that being called fat hurts.

She told Apple Music's “The Zane Lowe Show” in August: “I feel like [being] fat is the worst thing people can say about me at this point. This is the biggest insecurity.”