Lindsay Lohan is not a stranger to controversy considering she spent most of 2006 onwards involved with one or another.

From multiple DUI arrests to being involved in physical brawls as well as car crashes, Lohan was in and out of rehab for most of the 2000s.

She was also charged with stealing a necklace and was sentenced to a prison sentence more than once, but was let out early because of “crowded prisons.”

But now, it seems she has not only put her past behind her, but she’s also cool with poking fun at herself.

In a new commercial for Planet Fitness for Superbowl, Lindsay is shown working out with people yelling, “what’s gotten into Lindsay?”

In the ad, she’s first shown to be mentally sharper, winning a Jeopardy episode against Dennis Rodman and Buzzy Cohen

Then, she’s shown sleeping better with the paparazzi standing outside a nightclub, crying that they “miss Lindsay!”

Then she’s “trades DUI for DIY” as she brings-up Danny Trejo’s ankle monitor before William Shatner lets the cat out of the bag about what “Lindsay has gotten into.”

Bot Lohan and Planet Fitness reps had positive things to say about each other, let’s see how the public feels.