Lindsay Lohan is back on Hollywood’s map and making her “It Girl” comeback.

After years of taking a break from the limelight and living outside of the USA, Lilo has gotten back to her performing roots.

The “Mean Girls” actress recently sat down with Vogue for their series, “Life in Looks.”

Lilo went through a massive book of pictures featuring herself from 1998 to now.

The first picture she encountered was from her first-ever red carpet premiere.

It was for “The Parent Trap” in 1998.

While reminiscing on the film, Lilo explained that she desired to be more like the character Annie.

“I remember I wanted to be more like Annie, because she was more preppy and reserved, and she just had a classier twist to her that I loved.”

“Hallie was too American for me, because I was too used to that, but Annie was my favorite. I always wanted to be Annie.”