Lily Collins recently opened up about the emotional abuse she experienced in a past relationship.

The "Emily in Paris" star revealed during a podcast appearance, that an ex-boyfriend frequently abused her verbally and belittled her.

Collins shared that the emotional trauma was so bad she became comfortable being silent and small, just to feel safe.

Collins also revealed that her body eventually started to react to the negative treatment, to the point that she fell sick.

Although a decade has reportedly passed since the relationship ended, the actress says she’s still triggered by the memories.

In a 2017 memoir, Collins shared her eating disorder and said it felt like she’d published her diary for the world.

The memoir also explored Collins's experiences and thoughts on body image.

The actress shared that she’s been very happy since she married filmmaker Charlie McDowell in 2021.

Collins said her beau takes care of her and understands her, and that they have healthy communication.