The singer tweeted that he had done a poor job of saying what he really meant during his recent interview with Logan Paul.

Payne said he would always support his former “One Direction” bandmate because they were brothers.

Twitter users were quick to let him know how they felt about his tweets.

The drama started soon after Payne claimed that he disliked Malik and had reasons to stand by his side.

The statement was in response to Paul’s recollection of a faceoff that occurred between him, his brother, and Malik.

Payne and Malik met in 2010 after they were paired by Simon Cowell on “The X Factor” for a boy band.

Prior to that, Payne appeared on the singing show but he did not make it past being one of the top 24 in the 2008 season.

Soon after he was kicked off the competition, Cowell promised to help him make it work.

Payne claimed that he was the pioneer member of One Direction.