Liam Hemsworth might be the next James Bond.

One of the OG ‘007’ agents believes the Australian-native has what it takes to take over the coveted role.

Daniel Craig has hung up his “Bond shoes,” which means there’s a spot available and shoes that need to be filled.

Fellow Australian, George Lazenby, believes Hemsworth has the guts, arrogance and confidence it takes to be James Bond.

Take it from him, he was passed down the “007” torch from Sean Connery in 1983.

Lazenby told TMZ that Hemsworth has the acting resume worthy of the next MI-6 agent

He also believes the ex-husband on Miley Cyrus has enough skill and stealth with media attention and scrutiny to handle the double agent role.

Speaking from experience, Lazenbury did say that the next James Bond HAS to be “crazy enough, arrogant enough, confident enough, ambitious enough to take on the role.”

Lazenbury believes Hemsworth checks all of these boxes… in the best way possible.