Leslie Jordan may be gone, but he will NOT let anyone forget him.

The TV star continues to make appearances on a number of shows even after his untimely passing.

Following his October 24th death, Leslie had appearances on “The Masked Singer” and HGTV’s “Celebrity IOU.”

He is now making his presence known on MTV’s reboot of “Cribs.”

The late 67-year-old allowed cameras into the Los Angeles home and showed off some hilarious and sentimental pieces.

The clip begins with Leslie showcasing a room in his home with monogrammed pillows.

"In the south, everything's monogrammed," he explains. "Honey, my underpants are monogrammed."

Leslie also showed off photos of him as a young man at the horse races.

“A lot of people don't know this, but when I was 19-years-old I decided I wanted to be a jockey with thoroughbred race horses," he said.