Leslie Jordan’s legacy lives on.

The “Will & Grace” actor has made multiple television appearances following his untimely death last month.

Last week, he made an appearance as a panelist on “The Masked Singer” for “Hall of Fame” night.

Fast forward to this week, Leslie made a surprise came on “Celebrity IOU” on HGTV to mark the premiere of season three.

On the November 14th episode, Drew and Jonathan Scott opened the show with a tribute to Leslie.

“We've known Leslie Jordan for years and working with him on Celebrity IOU wasn't just a highlight for the show, but really of our careers,” Drew said.

Jonathan followed up his twin’s statement saying, “Yeah, just the most gracious and kind human being you'll ever meet.”

In the episode, Leslie was helping his friends, Rosemary and Newell Alexander, renovate their North Hollywood ranch house.

Drew concluded the intro, “Leslie, we will miss you very much.”