Leo DiCaprio’s 19-year-old flings seems to have gotten cold feet.

Teenaged model Eden Polani has packed up shop in the US and jetted back to her home country of Israel.

The couple first turned heads earlier this month after spending time together at Ebony Riley’s EP party.

This didn’t sit well with MANY people on social media given there is a 29-year age gap between DiCaprio and Polani.

Now, some sources say they’re JUST FRIENDS… and Polani happened to be in the right place at the right time photogs were snapping photos.

When Polani’s family got wind of her hanging and potentially dating DiCaprio, she “got into a spat with her family over the whole thing.”

She’s now “flying back to Israel,” Page Six reports.

Polani has strict parents are not thrilled about their daughter’s whereabouts with such an older man.

Polani left Los Angeles earlier this week for New York and then flew to Israel on Thursday.