"Legally Blonde" was a hugely successful movie that balanced comedy with a powerful message

No one could have played the iconic main character, Elle Woods, better than Reese Witherspoon.

Despite the film's success and praise of Witherspoon's performance, director Robert Luketic had negative things to say about her.

He said that she lacked humor, was impenetrable, and took filmmaking too seriously for him.

He compared her to other actresses he has worked with and said he was unable to bond with her.

A financial advisor that Witherspoon had also tried to put her down and told her that she would be making less money and lose her success in her 40s.

Witherspoon had appeared in some movies before "Legally Blonde," but this film took her career to new heights.

The movie was inspired by the novel of the same name by Amanda Brown, and it topped film charts and raked in over a hundred million.

Witherspoon has been very successful; she has won and been nominated for several academy awards for her performance in several movies and shows