Actor Lee Pace has finally confirmed that he is married to Matthew Foley.

He shared the story of how he and Foley met, crediting a mutual friend, Nick, for introducing them.

Pace also revealed that he and Foley are making plans to expand their family with kids.

He previously opened up about his sexuality in 2018, confirming that he’s dated both men and women.

He then stated that he has always tried to keep the media out of his personal life, especially as a queer celebrity.

Pace said it has always been important to him to portray queer characters with dignity.

He mentioned some films where he played queer characters, such as “A Soldier’s Girl” and “Angels in America.”

Pace and Foley have barely featured on each other’s social media severally, and they always look so happy.

Since they got together in 2018, they’ve posted tributes to each other on their birthdays.