Leah Remini wants everyone to remember Tom Cruise’s connections with scientology as they praise his recent movie success.

Remini made her statement via Twitter and referenced a post from someone named Clare Headley.

Headley’s post made several accusations at the “Top Gun: Maverick” actor including what she described as crimes against humanity.

She wrote about what she suffered in the hands of the cult that the actor promotes.

Remini’s post showed that she shared Headley’s reservations as she thanked her for her courage.

The “Kevin Can Wait” star has previously bashed Cruise for his connections with the movement.

Remini who was a member of the church of scientology until her exit in 2013 spoke about her experience in an interview.

She praised Katie Holmes, Cruise’s ex-wife for leaving the church and taking their daughter with with her.

Cruise and Holmes were married for six years before their divorce in 2012 and they share a daughter.