Leah Messer isn’t tripping over her breakup and neither should her fans.

The MTV reality star issued a statement on Twitter following her broken engagement from Jaylan Mobley.

Messer told her fans to take a chill pill on Monday, October 17th.

“While y’all are tripping on what the reason for the breakup is, we’re solid,” she tweeted.

“Refocusing and transitioning into better days ahead of us,” Leah concluded.

Fans showed support for Messer and also called her out for “selling” the stories about her and Jaylan.

“Talk yo s**t Leah!! It ain’t nobody’s business. Carry on girl,” one fan wrote.

“But yall been selling these stories. No one was tripping,” one dismayed fan replied.

“You make a living off of people ‘tripping’ over your life thought, another added.