Lamar Odom shared his thoughts about the recent incident at the Oscars last Sunday.

At the event, Will Smith took a swing at Chris Rock for joking about his wife Jada’s shaved head.

According to Odom, Smith “loves his wife.”

Although he noted that he does “not condone violence against anyone. @willsmith loves @jadapinkettsmith I was told love covers a multitude of sins.”

Odom continued: “He loves his wife. She was hurting, it is a husband’s responsibility to protect his wife.”

The former NBA star added: “He owes us ZERO explanation as to why he chose to hit @chrisrock , he did what a husband is called to do. Protect his wife, from anything and anyone who causes her pain.”

In his message, Odom shared his realisation over his marriage to Khloé Kardashian.

He shared: “Had I protected my wife versus mentally, emotionally and spiritually hurting her, I may still be married.”

Odom’s post received mixed responses from his followers.