The recently single ‘Vanderpump’ reality star is making sure to REALLY erase every trace of her ex-fiancé, Randall Emmett.

Back in October, the ‘Give Me Lala’ podcast host and her Hollywood big shot fiancé split after getting engaged in 2018.

Rumors swirled that Emmett cheated on Lala with two women while on a trip to Nashville, TN.

Lala recently debuted a new tattoo that formerly paid homage to her ex-fiancé.

She has officially updated her “Rand” tattoo to read “bRand New.”

The reality star has been open about the split on recent episodes of her podcast, ‘Give Them Lala.’

She explained she’s taking every day “one minute at a time since the big breakup.”

“A seven-month-old can’t sit around and wait for you to get over s**t. You better keep your f***ing head up and do your thing, so that’s what I do,” Lala explained.

The reality TV star went on to admit that she never imagined her life looking the way it does currently.