Lala Kent just subtly called her ex, Randall Emmett, a narcissist.

On Monday, December 6, the new mom posted a photo from Instagram account @sold_my_soul_to_a_narcissist.

The post read: “Narcissists live a double life. They show fake charm and friendliness in public but are snake-like, venomous, and devious behind closed doors.

The post continued, “They are master manipulators who destroy lives.”

Lala included the mind-blown emoji to her story.

Lala broke things off with Randall in early October.

The Hollywood hotshot was rumored to be caught cheating on Lala with two women in Nashville, TN.

However, he was exposed for doing MUCH more with MANY more women.

Randall was accused of using a burner phone and burner Instagram account to track down and connect with women.