Lady Gaga is being called out for potentially lying.

The singer/actress recently sat down with British Vogue for their “Life in Looks” YouTube series.

She went through 19 of her most iconic looks throughout her lifetime and dissected each and every one of them.

When she got to her inauguration dress, she said the dress was made to add extra protection while she performed.

“I wore this Schiaparelli design for the inauguration and nobody knows this, but this was a bullet-proof dress,” she said.

Schiaparelli is now negating her claims!

The fashion brand recently spoke to the Daily Mail and said that Gaga’s inauguration dress was in fact NOT bulletproof.

“The dress was not actually bulletproof, we cannot comment on what she may have worn underneath,” a brand representative said.

Gaga may have opted to put a bulletproof vest on underneath her dress, but the designer did not make it bulletproof.